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Call of Duty 2 ENB Enhancement Grafik Mod (3. Party Grafik Yükseltme Motoru)

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Call of Duty 2 [015] ENB Enhancement 3. party grafik artırma modu. Buyrun güle güle kullanın.

Call of Duty 2 Enhancement Mod: DOWNLOAD

Mod Hakkında:

[015] is a complex ENB series modification for Call Of Duty 2 that uses the latest and most complex ENB features to bring COD2 into 2[015] I tried to minimise the actual change to the tone and colouring of the image, just enhance it. This allows you to use the built in brightness or your cards features to make slight adjustments per your preference.

I fondly remembered Call of Duty 2, and consider it the best Call of Duty available. However playing it again, after 12 years, the graphics lacked severely.

Mainly in the area of object lighting and general texture detail. The gameplay itself is still fantastic, and with mods like WCP, its even better!

Looking into the graphical modification available it was clear that everyone had problems getting the decent effects working so I began looking into it myself.

It became clear after a few weeks that the only solution was to use multiple ENB dll's at the same time to each give their own supported features. I modified the ENB DLL's so that each uses its own set of unique files and surprisingly it worked right away!

This layered approach really opened up the options for enhancing the lighting side of the graphics, and Marty McFly's Master Effect suite for ENB gave me a way to add detail to the textures and effects in the game.

The first layer (ENB Series 0.75 (For Collapse) with Master Effect 1.0 add-on) boosts colour vibrance and increases the gamma curve to make dark darker, and light lighter faking a wider colour range.

High detail close range Screen Space Ambient Occlusion and Screen Space Indirect Lighting are applied using this DLL and then the image is ready for the next DLL.

Layer 2 (ENB Series 0.75a (For Oblivion)) applies another Screen Space Ambient Occlusion pass to all visible objects (mainly for long distance stuff) and then a bloom pass to bleed the bright pixels.

Finally this DLL provides the ENB Depth of Field if you choose this version.

Layer 3 (ENB Series 0.76 Generic with Master Effect 1.4) applied Bokeh Depth of Field if you choose this version. Dithering of the color range is applied, then a noise pass is added and then finalizing the image by converting the color range back via HDR processing.

This final step greatly increases the appearance of both textures and specular lighting. The dithering helps to hide the lower detail and the new color curve boosts apparent texture detail.

IcEnhancing tonemapping, Choromatic Abbaration and Anamorphic Light flares are then applied to the image to improve special effects and help with texture detail and finish off the effect.


  • HDR Tonemapping - Simulated HDR lighting
  • Improved Lighting Model - Better lighting and specular reflections on models
  • Improved Shadow Rendering - Softer shadows
  • Dynamic ENB / Bokeh Depth of Field - highly detailed, more realistic depth of field
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion - adds depth and placement to objects (particularly anything on the ground)
  • Bloom Filter - Softens the image and makes lights seem bright
  • Global Illumination - adds detail to dark cluttered areas
  • Anamorphic Light Flares - creates a flaring effect on bright sources of light
  • Dynamic Noise Detail - increases the appearance of color and the detail on textures with noise
  • Chromatic Abberation - adds distortion around the edges of image to simulate a camera lense
  • HSV Color Grading - remaps the color to more realistic white-tones
  • Vignette - darkens the screen corners slightly


Version 5 contains 4 total version of the mod. Performance simply lowers some of the effects quality settings for a few extra fps, but does not disable anything.

The main choice to consider is the Depth of Field technique. Bokeh DOF is MUCH more realistic and also more expensive. I have compatibility issues with this effect on my PC, so an ENB DOF version is also included for compatibility.
Try Bokeh first!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must DISABLE AA (Anti-Aliasing) in the game for the effects to be visible

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The mod's features are not enabled by default.
This is due to the way that the menu system of the game is displayed. The menu will not show while the mod is active!

Press SHIFT+F9 to enable or disable the mod while in-game.

If you forget to turn it off before entering a menu, simply return to the game. If you cannot (end of mission screen for example) press the key combination then ALT-TAB out of the game, and back in. This will restore the menu.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ENB wraps the 3D driver and intercepts data, Valve Anti Cheat will almost certainly see this as cheating. I would not advise using this online.

Call Of Duty 2 Enb Enhancement Mod

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indirmenizi tavsiye etmem bugün oyunun içine atıyordum. Not okudum: Steam'de oyun oynuyorsanız önermem steam ban algılayabilir diye okudum.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Valve Anti Cheat will likely see this as cheating if you run while playing online. Only use in SP, or offline MP.

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Call of Duty 2 grafik yükseltme/enhancement modu paylaşımı için teşekkürler. Evet, modun Readme dosyasında Steam (Valve Anti Cheat) online oynanışta sorun çıkarabileceği, bu yüzden singleplayer/offline oynanışta oynanması tavsiye ediliyor.

Açtığınız başlığa görsel ve bir tane Youtube videosu ekledim. Videoya bakılırsa oldukça güzel grafikler elde edilebiliyor.

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